Launching in Madeira February 2018 - Gyms in Madeira

February 27th, 2018
Launching in Madeira February 2018 - Gyms in Madeira

Over the past month or so, we’ve been working away on Gym Nomad from the beautiful Portuguese island of Madeira. Check out our initial thoughts making it to Madeira with Madeira Startup Retreat here and why we say you shouldn’t stop over Madeira. Don’t just stop over, make a real trip here and experience everything Madeira has to offer.

Over a million visitors make their way to Madeira each year and the biggest draw cards are wellness tourism related. Madeira has so much to offer from the seaside sunsets to the mountains with rolling clouds. The Levada Trail takes you along picturesque hillsides and valleys that will leave you in awe of nature. But what’s more, is all the other amazing facilities on offer for those wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of their city work life and have a holiday break that improves their wellbeing.

Madeira has so much on offer from yoga classes and retreats, martial arts or Crossfit training. Spend the day exploring Funchal or around the island and work in some training to keep you on your game and detoxify all the stresses of work. We at Gym Nomad has spent over a month in Madeira so far and can only give respect to the quality of the various training types here.

For the yogis, there is a great selection of studios including Academia NOVA ERA who is situated in an old winery near the Funchal city centre, or Emilie Mangoni who has classes all over Madeira just to show how popular her classes are which even include some heavy metal yoga just to name a couple.

For the martial arts students, Madeira is home to some quality clubs for muay Thai, MMA and Krav Maga. ADMTM Muay Thai Madeira has three clubs around Madeira and has produced K1 and muay Thai regional, national and world champions, Knuckleheads in the city centre has produced champion MMA fighters and run regular grappling and jiu-jitsu classes, Krav Maga Madeira has multiple clubs around Madeira and an ever-growing popularity where you can learn a massive repertoire of self-defence moves.

To lift some weights and #savethegains, it is easy to find a weights gym, with the right information. Outside of Funchal in Camara de Lobos, you can find Lobo Gym which has all the essentials in an old school Schwarzenegger era style, they also have a wide range of classes and a padded martial arts area for muay Thai and judo. Back in Funchal, there is Ginasio Bodyfit which has some more modern equipment and the bodybuilder’s gym Carlos Rebolo’s Gym which is a large space with a plentiful amount of Olympic bars and weight plates run by champion bodybuilders. On top of these, there is a wide selection of other places to lift some weights.

For those looking for some more relaxation and luxury, Clube Naval Do Funchal can provide some short term access to their private beach side pool which is some amazing relaxation, Galo Active in addition to their squash courts, classes and weights area have a range of heated indoor and outdoor pools, saunas and Turkish baths; or also in Canico, perhaps Nautilus Health Club located in the Royal Orchid Hotel which has a weights gym, a few classes and then 5 pools to spend some time in to relax.

Finally, for those who want some serious training, Naval Box has some high quality Crossfit (style) training that will push you to your limits; and Innovation Fitness Lab has a lab utilised by professional athletes to monitor performance.

All these gyms and studios are well worth the visit and investment into yourself. Become better every day no matter where you are and what you’re doing. Gym Nomad is just about to launch in Madeira so you, the traveller, can find your fully flexible training memberships. Checkout the amazing facilities on offer in Madeira here. MMA to meditation, we have you covered. Get you fitness membership in Madeira for your next trip from 1 day to 8 weeks and anything in between.

Keep an eye out for our pending blogs on all the best gyms and studios in Madeira!

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